Express Guide to Resource Links

You will find 900+ links in the "Resource Links" section in the following categories. This is a work in process; several categories still do not have links. Please send suggestions for new categories or any additional links you may be aware of to: [email protected]. Thank you.

Major Category Subcategories Description
Associations Organizations serving life sciences communities
Bioclusters Geographic locations with groups of companies, universities and other organizations involved in biotech
Asia (outside Japan)
Australia/New Zealand
Mexico/Central/South America
Books (with mini-reviews) Select life science books we recommend
Consultants - life sciences
Biotech incubators Facilities providing start-up support
Science parks
Funders - life sciences
Funding advisors
Government biotech agencies
Patent attorneys - life sciences
Research resources
Technology transfer offices Universities and others offering intellectual property

Please help support our efforts to bring you these free resources. We receive a small commission from Amazon on books purchased when you click on a book link from this site, but we do not if you return to Amazon later. (Your cost is the same, whether you access through our link or directly)


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Miracle Ear
What will your miracle sound like?
Miracle Ear Hearing Aids
Dayal Resources, Inc.
Translations from German to English, including patents, research papers, legalese and materials for publication. Dayal Resources, Inc. is your dependable resource. Please contact [email protected]
Eden's Bounty Multi-SanTM
Colorless, odorless, biodegradable instant sanitizer is effective against both gram positive and gram-negative bacteria; kills in 30 seconds. Free of chlorine and quaternary ammonium compounds. EPA registered food contact surface sanitizer. Austin Davis Industries, Inc.
TERRA+ CLEAN Acid-Replacement Surface Cleaner
Safe, totally natural, 100% biodegradable, multi-functional cleaning product providing safety in the workplace for both humans and environmental surfaces - without compromising performance. Can be diluted up to 25:1. Austin Davis Industries, Inc.