DECEMBER, 2014 Gene-Related Patents Issued - Full patent:
Pat No Title Assignee Date Issued Country
8,916,361 Elongase gene and uses thereof Abbott Laboratories 23-Dec-14 United States
8,911,969 Bacillus host cell Andersen; Jens Tonne 16-Dec-14 Denmark
8,911,937 Method for detecting methylation status by using methylation-independent primers Brainreader ApS 16-Dec-14 Denmark
8,911,999 Self-deleting plasmid Cobra Biologics Ltd. 16-Dec-14 United Kingdom
8,921,056 Compositions for diagnosis and therapy of diseases associated with aberrant expression of futrins (R-Spondins) and/or Wnt Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum 30-Dec-14 Germany
8,921,112 Optimized non-canonical zinc finger proteins Dow AgroSciences LLC 30-Dec-14 United States
8,921,105 Method of regulating gene expression Duke University 30-Dec-14 United States
8,911,983 Pnp gene modification for improved xylose utilization in Zymomonas E I Du Pont de Nemours and Company 16-Dec-14 United States
8,906,650 Yarrowia esterase/lipase promoter regions for gene expression in yeast E I du Pont de Nemours and Company 9-Dec-14 United States
8,921,074 Method and apparatus for determining a probability of colorectal cancer in a subject GeneNews, Inc. 30-Dec-14 Canada
8,916,530 Individualized cancer therapy Gradalis, Inc. 23-Dec-14 United States
8,906,874 Bi-functional shRNA targeting Stathmin 1 and uses thereof Gradalis, Inc. 9-Dec-14 United States
8,916,372 Strain of Salmonella enterica s. typhimurium, its use and a method to obtain a therapeutic vaccine vector Jagiellonian University 23-Dec-14 Poland
8,911,974 Minicircle vector production Jechlinger; Gerhard 16-Dec-14 Austria
8,911,975 Method for producing virus vector for gene transfer Mie University 16-Dec-14 Japan
8,906,622 Method of amplification Monoquant Pty Ltd 9-Dec-14 Australia
8,900,820 Gene and protein expression profiles associated with the therapeutic efficacy of EGFR-TK inhibitors Nuclea Biotechnologies, Inc. 2-Dec-14 United States
8,921,048 Method for identifying olfactory receptor included in one olfactory cell Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd. 30-Dec-14 Japan
8,916,377 Root-preferred promoter and methods of use Pioneer Hi Bred International Inc 23-Dec-14 United States
8,911,942 Single label comparative hybridization Quest Diagnostics Investments Incorporated 16-Dec-14 United States
8,900,858 Methods and compositions relating to improved lentiviral vector production systems Research Development Foundation 2-Dec-14 United States
8,911,998 Methods for identifying fragile histidine triad (FHIT) interaction and uses thereof The Ohio State University 16-Dec-14 United States
8,900,851 Multi-well platform The Research Foundation for the State University of New York 2-Dec-14 United States
8,900,809 Oligonucleotides and methods to identify Shiga toxin containing Escherichia coli serotypes The United States of America, as represented by the Secretary of Agriculture 2-Dec-14 United States
8,900,835 Engineering of thermotolerant Bacillus coagulans for production of D(-)-lactic acid University of Florida Research Foundation, Inc. 2-Dec-14 United States
8,921,042 Transcriptional repression leading to Parkinson's disease Valted LLC 30-Dec-14 United States
Pat No Title Assignee Date Issued Country
8,912,127 Method of generating gene mosaics Eviagenics, S.A. 16-Dec-14 France
Pat No Title Assignee Date Issued Country
8,914,239 System and method for determining individualized medical intervention for a disease state Caris MPI, Inc. 16-Dec-14 United States
8,918,349 Distributed network for performing complex algorithms Genetic Finance (Barbados) Limited 23-Dec-14 Barbados
8,909,570 Data mining technique with experience-layered gene pool Genetic Finance (Barbados) Limited 9-Dec-14 Barbodos
Pat No Title Assignee Date Issued Country
8,911,721 Method of constructing gene transport support Anaeropharma Science, Inc. 16-Dec-14 Japan
8,906,359 Recombinant retrovirus pseudotyped with a E2 alphavirus glycoprotein California Institute of Technology 9-Dec-14 United States
8,901,079 Treatment of parkinson's disease via administration of GLI-1 protein Cedars-Sinai Medical Center 2-Dec-14 United States
8,921,332 Chromosomal modification involving the induction of double-stranded DNA cleavage and homologous recombination at the cleavage site Children's Medical Center Corporation 30-Dec-14 United States
8,912,157 Treatment of pancreatic developmental gene related diseases by inhibition of natural antisense transcript to a pancreatic developmental gene CuRNA, Inc. 16-Dec-14 United States
8,921,330 Treatment of down syndrome gene related diseases by inhibition of natural antisense transcript to a down syndrome gene CuRNA, Inc. 30-Dec-14 United States
8,916,534 Methods of inducing insulin production Mina Therapeutics Limited 23-Dec-14 United Kingdom
8,920,845 Method of producing microcapsules National University Corporation Nagoya University 30-Dec-14 Japan
8,916,608 Epigenetic co-repressors of the gamma-globin gene and methods of using same Regents of the University of Michigan 23-Dec-14 United States
8,901,077 Delivery of a gene therapy vector to the brain by convection-enhanced delivery Renishaw (Ireland) Limited 2-Dec-14 United Kingdom
8,901,102 Therapeutic substances that modulate genome methylation Retrotope, Inc. 2-Dec-14 United States
8,912,138 DNA-binding proteins and uses thereof Sangamo BioSciences, Inc. 16-Dec-14 United States
8,901,099 Method for immunizing animal, composition for immunization, method for producing antibody, method for producing hybridoma, and method for producing monoclonal antibody Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd. 2-Dec-14 Japan
8,901,100 Tumor-specific delivery of therapeutic agents via liposomase The Johns Hopkins University 2-Dec-14 United States
8,921,335 Oral delivery of nucleic acid-based gene interfering agents by Salmonella The Regents of the University of California 30-Dec-14 United States
8,900,567 Treatment of cone cell degeneration with transfected lineage negative hematopoietic stem cells The Scripps Research Institute 2-Dec-14 United States
8,911,747 HSV-1 and HSV-2 vaccines and methods of use thereof The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania 16-Dec-14 United States
8,916,175 Safer attenuated varicella-zoster virus vaccines with missing or diminished latency of infection The United States of America, as represented by the Secretary, Department of Health & Human Services 23-Dec-14 United States
8,921,340 Methods for using synthetic triterpenoids in the treatment of bone or cartilage diseases or conditions Trustees of Dartmouth College 30-Dec-14 United States
8,920,811 Recombinant adenovirus useful for treating malignancy over-expressing proto-oncogene neu/erb B2 Wang; Shangwu 30-Dec-14 China P Rep
Pat No Title Assignee Date Issued Country
8,921,654 Gene cluster involved in biosynthesis of isopentenyl diphosphate in the non-mevalonate pathway of Hevea brasiliensis Bridgestone Corporation 30-Dec-14 Japan
8,921,652 Vegetable oils and uses therefor Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation 30-Dec-14 Australia
8,916,752 Herbicide resistance genes Dow AgroSciences, LLC 23-Dec-14 United States
8,921,655 Functional analysis of Jatropha curcas genes Joil (S) Pte Ltd. 30-Dec-14 Singapoe
8,901,373 Methods and compositions for root knot nematode control Monsanto Technology LLC 2-Dec-14 United States
8,907,162 Compositions and methods for the control of root lesion nematode Monsanto Technology LLC 9-Dec-14 United States
8,921,648 Methods for increasing the yield of fermentable sugars from plant stover Purdue Research Foundation 30-Dec-14 United States
8,907,164 Regulating nutrient allocation in plants The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundations, Inc. 9-Dec-14 United States
8,916,750 Barley endosperm promoter The United States of America, as represented by the Secretary of Agriculture 23-Dec-14 United States
Pat No Title Assignee Date Issued Country
8,916,688 Insecticidal protein, gene encoding the same and uses thereof Beijing Green Agrosino Plant Protection Technology Co., Ltd. 23-Dec-14 China P Rep
8,916,687 Insecticidal protein, gene encoding the same and uses thereof Beijing Green Agrosino Plant Protection Technology Co., Ltd. 23-Dec-14 China P Rep
8,907,067 Nucleotide and amino acid sequences relating to respiratory diseases and obesity Oscient Pharmaceuticals Corporation 9-Dec-14 United States
Pat No Title Assignee Date Issued Country
8,912,316 Compositions and methods for inhibiting expression of CD45 gene Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 16-Dec-14 United States
8,907,073 Nucleic acids encoding FOXD3 promoter and methods to isolate FOXD3 expressing cells California Institute of Technology 9-Dec-14 United States
8,906,607 Method for modulating double-strand break-induced homologous recombination Cellectis 9-Dec-14 France
8,901,288 High throughput methods for functionally determining RNA interference efficiency Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory 2-Dec-14 United States
8,907,076 Mycobacterial peptide deformylase Council of Scientific and Industrial Research 9-Dec-14 India
8,906,876 Methods for controlling pests using RNAi Devgen NV 9-Dec-14 Belgium
8,912,313 Variants of the promoter of the gap gene coding for glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase Evonik Degussa GmbH 16-Dec-14 Germany
8,912,317 Ribonucleic acid interference molecules of Arabidopsis thaliana International Business Machines Corporation 16-Dec-14 United States
8,912,315 Purkinje cell-tropic viral vector Japan Science and Technology Agency 16-Dec-14 Japan
8,907,074 Laticiferous tissue-specific SRPP promoter from Hevea brasiliensis and uses thereof Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology 9-Dec-14 Korea
8,901,285 Polynucleotide primers Qiagen Manchester Limited 2-Dec-14 United Kingdom
8,907,077 siRNA targeting TIE-2 Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. 9-Dec-14 United States
8,921,538 Control of gene expression in plants Vialactia Biosciences (NZ) Limited 30-Dec-14 New Zealand
Pat No Title Assignee Date Issued Country
8,911,469 Methods and apparatus for optimal remote ischemic preconditioning (ORIP) for preventing ischemia-reperfusion injuries to organs NeoCardium, Limited 16-Dec-14 United Kingdom
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